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A Tale of Two Laceys


Why is there a need for Promise Kept Farm? Does it matter...her owner never cared enough...the people attending the animals before and after the owner’s death didn’t care enough...the neighbors didn’t care enough to get involved...



Eventually, the caretakers finally called and asked for help, not knowing that the animal was by that time beyond repair. This beautiful creature had suffered nearly her entire 10 years of life, due to the sheer negligence of her owner. Lacey the donkey became crippled after years of being on lush pasture, which caused her to founder.


Left untreated and allowed to founder repeatedly, her feet grew in such a way that it twisted her tendons, ligaments, and bones to the point of irreversible damage. Dr. Hyde, our vet, came immediately upon Lacey’s arrival, bringing with him his class of current dental students, none of whom had ever seen such neglect. As Doc explained her deformities to his class and why she arrived this way, he was stricken with emotion, thinking of the many years she had suffered needlessly. He explained to us all that there was only one option for this lovely donkey. As she was humanely euthanized, it occurred to all of us that this was the first time in her life that someone actually cared enough to do the right thing for her.


Lacey's passing should have brought us a feeling of relief - for her suffering had ended...instead she left us empty and with heavy hearts, because we all knew it was so senseless to let her suffer for so long.


Ripple with her new baby Lacey

In March 2011, the state humane officer asked ERL to take a pregnant mare due to their lack of space. Willingly, we accepted “Ripple”, a beautiful roan 1998 Appaloosa mare, very heavy in foal and due any day. Luckily this mare had good nutrition for most of her pregnancy and was able to deliver a healthy black filly with ease.

On April 12, 2011, one week after we had to say good-bye to our white

Lacey, this healthy, correct, beautiful creature was born. It was only fitting to name her Lacey. Ripple's Lace is her real name - but she is Lacey to us. She fills our lives with joy and hope! Both mare and filly thrive on the love and attention they receive here at PKF, and remind us daily of why we do what we do. We pray that we can, together with your help, always be here for the Laceys of the world.

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