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Donating to the

Equine Rescue League

The Equine Rescue League is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and a donation receipt can be made available for your records upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For monetary donations:

To make a donation using your Credit Cardplease call our office at (540) 822-4577

or click here.

To mail your donation, please print, fill out, and mail a Membership or Donation form along with your check, money order, credit card form or cash to:

Equine Rescue League

PO Box 4366

Leesburg, VA 20177

For donations of supplies:

We accept donations of veterinary supplies, used English or Western tack, haybales, trailers and other farm/barn supplies and machinery.


Please call or email us if you have barn or farm supplies you would like to donate to help the horses at ERL!

You can also support us by donating items on our Amazon Wishlist, which contains an updated list of items we currently need. Your donation will help us provide the best possible care for these amazing animals. You can view it here.

For every Equine Wellness magazine subscription, the ERL can receive a 25% donation by using this code: ERLF. Order your magazine today and support the horses at the shelter by subscribing today.

Your contribution enables us to continue our much needed work -

to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and shelter to the many victims of abuse and neglect...victims like Flower, Ivy and Rae - who have been saved and given a second chance because of generous individuals like you.


Thank you for your consideration of the needs of the equines in our care.

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