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Calling all volunteers!


Do you have a passion to help Promise Kept Farm remain a safe and attractive haven for horses in need of our services? The Equine Rescue League needs volunteers 18 years and older to help with a variety of farm and administrative projects. If you would like to help us help them, please contact us to schedule your first visit for a farm tour and orientation.

Once you have toured the farm shelter and met our staff and the horses, we will get you started as a volunteer! It is entirely up to you when and how often you come to help. All we ask is that you call ahead and let us know when you can come, so we can schedule the day's workload according to how much help will be available. Many people choose to come on the same day each week. Others just come when they can!


Morning feeding begins at 8 AM every day (the horses don't know the meaning of the phrase "day off"!) Once everyone's bellies are full, there is a variety of tasks to take care of from mucking stalls to writing "Thank You" notes to assisting the farrier. Every day is a little different. The day ends like it began - feed time again at 3:00 PM.

We will arrange for you to work with a staff member or veteran volunteer until you learn how things work and the daily routine at the farm.


Horse care experience is not necessary to become an ERL volunteer. You will never be asked to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. As you learn more about horses, you can tackle more jobs if you feel up to them. No question is "stupid"... the more you ask, the more you learn.


We hope to hear from you soon!

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