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Horses Available for Adoption

Please be aware this page may not be 100% up to date. We do our best, but new horses come in and are adopted out on a regular basis. If you are interested in a horse on this page, please contact us for further information about the individual horse. We can also tell you about any new residents who have arrived at the farm, but haven't arrived on the website yet! 

If you are interested in adoption, please complete our Adoption Application and return it to the Eqine Rescue League via email or snail mail. Click here for more information about our Adoption Program.

All of our horses are up to date on coggins, vaccinations, farrier, dental and deworming.

Cody James

Cody James is a bay 1992 OTTB gelding who was picked up by the ERL as a stray horse in Warren County several years ago. He is an ex-polo pony standing at 15.1hh. He is super affectionate and handsome. He is a gentleman with excellent ground manners and is a pleasant horse to work with. He is a lovely horse with many years of love and fun to offer, but as a senior citizen he has special needs - he requires three meals a day of a soaked complete feed and a blanket in the winter. Although he requires a little senior management, Cody's adoptive family will receive the sweet love and appreciation only a senior equine offers.

Duchess aka ER Majesty

Dutchess is an approximate 2000 TB chestnut mare, standing 16.2 hands tall. She and another mare came to us recently from a starvation and neglect case. Dutchess was the poorest of the two, with a body condition score of -3. With proper diets, parasite control, veterinary and farrier care, these two beauties are on the fast road to recovery.  We do not know the extent of Dutchess’s training, but do know she has good ground manners. She is available to the right home!

Jake from State Farm

ER Jake from State Farm (“Jake”) is a bay 1996 OTTB gelding standing at 16.2hh. He came to ERL in 2018 with his best friend Willie and they are a very bonded pair. Jake is very kind, easy to handle and loves to be groomed – a true gentleman. He is available for adoption as a companion only to the right home and we prefer Willie and Jake to be adopted together.

Kitty Hawk

ER Kitty Hawk (“Kitty”) is a bay 2006 Miniature Horse mare standing at 28 inches tall. She is a victim of laminitis and has rotation of the coffin bone in all four feet. At this time, she is not foundering, however she could never be turned out on grass as she is also insulin-resistant. She is available to a home that will provide her a comfortable, healthful environment to suit her needs.

Leia aka ER Final Fear

Leia is a 2015 OTTB grey mare standing 16.3 hands tall. She and another mare came to us recently from a large starvation and neglect case.  She is adapting very well back into the pampered life, and vigorously awaits her meals.  We believe she was used as a broodmare after her racing career, and we do not know if she was ever ridden off the track. This big mare with lots of presence, and personality, needs a home where all her needs are met and then some… She is available to the right home!

Lily aka ER Gilded

ER Gilded aka Lily

Lily is a 1995 Bay Shetland Pony mare.  She came to the ERL recently, when her widowed owner could no longer care for her properly. Lily was a broodmare for many years, and lived a very idle but happy life.  Lily has Foundered in the past and requires a special diet and anti-inflammatory’s daily, to keep her comfortable. She really likes to eat any treat you give her; she always says it is her favorite. She is available to the right home.

Rhythm and Blues

ER Rhythm and Blues ("Jazz") is a black and white 2004 Shetland Pony gelding. He was given to the ERL when his owners could no longer care for him properly. He suffers from laminitis and COPD, but with the right care for his conditions he will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family. He is not rideable due to his medical conditions; however, he is excellent with kids and would be a great teacher for how to properly care for a pony.

Sagana aka ER Fruitful

Sagana is a 1990 Shetland Pony mare. Her coloring is called Silver Dappled! She came to the ERL recently, when her widowed owner could no longer care for her properly. Sagana was a broodmare for many years, producing nice little ponies. Now that she is retired, she enjoys love in any form, being brushed and fussed over and green grass (in moderation of course). She is available to the right home.


Sarge is a black 1991 Tennessee Walking Horse X Saddlebred gelding standing at 15.1hh. He can be very shy around strangers but with lovies and patience he is learning to trust humans again. Under the kind, quiet hands of some of our staff he is blossoming into a very special horse with a loving personality. He is a very attractive horse that is available as a companion only.

William Ebenezer Bubs II

ER William Ebenezer Bubs II (“Willie”) is a bay 1999 Mustang gelding who was saved from slaughter as a three-day old colt, at the time still at the side of his wild mustang mother. He was halter-trained as a young horse, but has spent the past several years untouched. He returned to ERL in 2018 at no fault of his own, and is learning that humans make great cookie-dispensers and give great scratches. With patience and the right handling, he would make someone a special friend. Willie is available for adoption to the right home.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

In 2015, ERL developed a courtesy listings database where we list local animals that are in need of a new home. We will be the liasion between individuals who can no longer care for their horses and with those who are looking to add to their barn family. If you are looking for a horse and couldn't find the right fit above, please Contact us and let us know what you are looking for - we may know of just the right equine for your family!


If you are looking to place your horse because you can no longer care for him/her, please see our Courtesy Listings page.

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