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Sponsorship Gift Program

When you purchase a sponsorship for an equine, this gift will meet the basic needs of your sponsored horse, pony, mule or donkey.

This program was designed for people that want to make a difference in one horse's life, but does not have the time to go to the barn everyday and take care of him/her. The packet will include a unique story and a photo of the horse of your choosing.


In addition to supporting the financial needs of an ERL horse, the Sponsorship Program is a way to provide a horse with individual attention and affection. 

Your sponsorship will include an invitation to come the ERL shelter to meet the horse or pony you are sponsoring. The special relationship that often develops between a horse and its sponsored family makes a noticeable difference in the horse's self-confidence and attitude. You are given the opportunity to set up a monthly visit by scheduling appointments through the ERL office.

Which horses are available for Sponsorship Care?

Horses and Ponies Awaiting Adoption 
These animals need sponsorship care while they await adoption. Every effort will be made to let sponsorship caregivers know as soon as possible when a sponsored horse is to be adopted. The sponsorship caregivers will be introduced to other horses at the farm awaiting sponsorship.


Permanent Residents of the ERL

These animals need long term sponsorship care as they will never be adopted from the farm due to their special needs.

Click on a photo below and choose your Sponsor Horse today.

Complete the pdf form and return with payment.

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