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Bubba Love



On April 28, 2014, our dear friend and brother, Bubba, passed away peacefully here at Promise Kept Farm. While some of you knew him better than others, everyone knows how much this incredible, wonderful creature meant to us all. His presence is deeply missed! Pat and Cheryl would like to share a little Bubba history with you...


It was in July of 1993 when Vickie called and said she had just purchased a Jack from the slaughter pen at the local horse sale. Could she bring him to the shelter to be humanely euthanized? Dr. Hyde agreed to meet her at the farm.

We'll never forget that day - this poor, crippled, lifeless creature stood before us. Doc pondered, the farrier arrived, we prayed, and then we made one of the best decisions in ERL try and save this donkey.

In the beginning he was challenging, but very clear in his desires. Although he corrected us all more than once, he never, ever kicked anyone. He had so much to teach us, to show us, and to prove to us. He succeeded. Like the day he figured out the new Jenny, who was saved from slaughter, was pregnant. He galloped, he trumpeted, he celebrated and we cried. How happy and healthy he had become, an inspiration in the never ending face of neglect and abused in the equine world.  Or the day that "Fortunate George" a "challenged" little horse got stuck in a tree. Bubba brayed and brayed until we went to help his friend get out of that three. Bubba was never ridden, but there were times when Doc would be at the farm with his young son, Hunter. Doc would sit Hunter on Bubba's back and that donkey would stand there patiently until Doc took him off. 


He would watch with intensity the Equissage class that frequently visited to practice their final tests. He never participated, but one year Mary decided he should have a diploma anyway because of his dedication to the classes. Bubba was the kind soul that could stand next to a stressed new-comer and give them comfort and peace in a way us humans could not. 



There were many of us touched by Bubba's presence, maybe no one more though than our dear friends and neighbors Wilma, Marilyn and Ed. When the ten acre property next to Promise Kept Farm went up for sale in 2008, they rationalized a need for a week-ender away from the city and bought the place. After all, their weekends revolved around Bubba and his friends. They now graciously lease their ten acres to ERL... Their farm is known as Bubba's fault. 


Bubba guided us and taught us. He let us know our faults and virtues and he always brought us joy. He will live on in our hearts and souls forever. And forever he will be one of the biggest and best parts of the Equine Rescue League. 


So here's to you, Bubba. Thank you for giving us your guidance, your courage, you humor and especially your patience. For without you, we wouldn't be who we are today. And for that we will always be grateful. 


Rest in Peace, you are in good company.

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