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In March 2003, a little mule was brought to the Equine Rescue League by officers from the Warren Country Animal Shelter. Re-named "Churchill", he was approximately 25 years old, and had been found in severely emaciated condition, only weighing in at 630 pounds.

Not all the details of his previous life were known, but it was estimated that Churchill had spent a good fifteen years or more of his life tied to a tree. That's right, tied to a tree! He had lived that way for so many years, that he had marks along his head and face where the halter had grown into his skin.


In spite of all he'd been through, Churchill had a good attitude, and seemed to enjoy attention from people. Although timid at first, it didn't take him long to figure out the farm's feeding schedule, and within a few days, Churchill was adding his distinctive braying call to the voices of the ERL's resident donkeys at feed time.


Churchill was adopted in June 2003, and went to his new home where 

he became part of a loving family who would spoil him rotten! He was

happy to meet his new female companion, "Maria", a sweet and gentle

donkey who was a previous ERL rescue.


Maria and Churchill remind their care-takers of Marie and Frank on the 

television show, "Everybody Loves Raymond." They are always pestering 

one another, but cannot bear to be more than a few feet apart!


This is another example of a happy equine who was rescued from a life

of neglect, only to move on to a wonderful home, and of course, enjoy

the lap of luxury with a new family!


Way to go Churchill! You deserve a happy life!


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